2 Day Opal and Art Tour

Take advantage of our most popular short stays with Tri State Safaris. 


‘Noodle’ for opal at White Cliffs
Sleep soundly in the famous Underground Motel
Visit underground opal showrooms
Meet unique outback characters
Travel remote outback roads through spectacular country
Explore the collection of indigenous Panaramitee style rock engravings


Our first destination is the unique “underground society” of White Cliffs, whose residents actually live underground! Experience the eerie lunar landscape and spend the night in the famous Underground Motel. Visit various mines and museums, and why not try your hand ‘noodling’ for opal on the working opal fields. This is also the perfect place to find a special piece of ‘colour’ from one of the underground opal shops – why not take home a memory of your tour that you will be able to wear and treasure forever?

Leaving our underground oasis, we head west on remote red dirt outback roads toward our next destination, learning about the pastoral heritage of the area with opportunities to spot local wildlife such as emus and kangaroos along the way.

Today’s highlight is a visit to a restricted access area, with exceptional examples of Aboriginal rock engravings. Tri State Safaris is one of a handful of tour operators with access to this ancient area. By joining this tour you will become one of the privileged few who will ever experience a visit to this unique rock art site.

Panaramitee style rock art at this site is characterized by motifs pecked into the rock surface with a specially prepared stone tool. Depictions of traditional teachings, dreamtime stories and native birds and animals can be seen extensively throughout the area.

As always, our minimal impact practices mean we take special care when entering into this very special area. Both our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal guides have a special affinity with indigenous culture, and are eager to share their knowledge with you.

Enjoy a picnic lunch before commencing our return journey through the Barrier Ranges and back into Broken Hill, through more amazing outback scenery. The tour then returns to Broken Hill.

More infomation on our 2 Day Opal Dreaming Tour or any of our other indigenous tours can be found at mutawintji eco tours


The two-day/one-night tour includes accommodation and four meals and is available for $760 per person, twin-share, or $840 for solo travellers. A five per cent seniors concession discount is also available.

Those who book the tour can receive a special 10% discount on accommodation at Out of the Ordinary Outback’s three properties in Broken Hill – The Argent Motel, the Tourist Lodge and the new Broken Hill Outback Resort. Nestled just outside Broken Hill, the resort offers king spa apartments overlooking the desert as well as camping and van sites and a restaurant inside a restored, historic pub.

The 10% discount on accommodation is available if the two-day tour is booked by 31st October, 2019. Tours depart on demand for a minimum of four people.  Call 1300 688 225 or email tours@tristate.com.au