An Artistic Take on Outback Australia

Tri State Safaris tour guide and renowned artist, Clark Barrett, uses his experience to create art specific tours for outback travellers.

A land of far-reaching skies, emblazoned by the sun or bejewelled by twinkling starlight. Home to sweeping landscapes, both barren and teeming with life. A meeting place of cultures, histories and heritage. Outback Australia inspires even the most enlightened.

It was a sense of curiosity and wonder for this land that led Clark to start exploring the dirt tracks leading north from his new hometown Broken Hill. Packing up what supplies he thought necessary, Clark would set out on the bitumen and dirt roads, with no destination in mind – sometimes travelling as far as 300kms before turning for home.

Clark’s thirst for adventure was second only to his curiosity, and the explorer would often knock on the homes of station owners, seeking insight into this incredible land.

Fascinated by “the laser bright intensity of the outback sunlight and the way it makes the colours vibrate”, it wasn’t long before Clark began recreating his outback visions on canvas.

Fast-forward forty years, and the avid adventurer delights in sharing his experiences, discoveries and insights with others. His new-found career as tour guide suits him to a tee, and the opportunity to continue his explorations often leads to unique tour experiences.

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Customise your tour, with the insight from local artist Clark Barrett.

Clark brings his lifetime of experiences to provide an artist’s interpretation on Tri State Safaris adventure tours. With a background in culture and the arts, Clarke’s extensive knowledge of outback Australian culture, history and environments adds depth to the tours his leads.

The Corner Country is Clark’s specialty, but he brings passion and insight into all of the tours he delivers. Art-specific tours and customisable itineraries are available upon request. We have experience in catering charters for art groups. To request Clark as your tour guide, simply contact Tri State Safaris on 1300 688 225 and speak with our customer service.

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