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2020 is clearly a year we’d rather forget. Whilst we’re still in the midst of Covid restrictions and adjusting to new ways of living, it was only months ago that Australia was in a state of natural disaster, engulfed by raging bushfires. Whilst the devastation and loss insurmountable, there was one positive, the elevation of global warming as a very real issue, resulting in a more environmentally aware nation.

In fact, research was undertaken by the travel search engine, Booking.com reveals that 55% of travelers are more determined to make sustainable choices than they were a year ago.

While travel is still largely on hold because of the pandemic, we can still dream and plan for where our next adventures lie.

To help with these plans, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when next you travel, that are easy and effective ways of ensuring our environment comes first:

Reduce Airtime

Cheap and frequent flights (before Covid clearly) have us spoilt for choice, so much so that many of us (especially those who fly regularly for work) don’t blink an eye on a return trip on the same day. Where you can, plan. Instead of rushing back, look at staying a day or two longer, seeing multiple people, or visiting multiple places in the one visit. Cutting out air travel is the number one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Opt for a train where you can for domestic or border hoping travel.

Choose Economy and Travel Light

We all love a bit of pampering, (especially after being in lockdown for so long), so it’s understandable to think first or business class is the only way to fly. A better option for the environment, as well as your back pocket, is to travel the economy instead. The more bodies on a plane at once mean fewer flights are necessary – economical and efficient!

And packing light will also play its part. We all know how much slower a car is when its boot is full to the brim, it’s the same philosophy – the lighter something is, the faster and more efficiently it can move.

Use A Sustainable Travel Agency

Believe it or not, there is such a thing. Some of the more innovative and future savvy travel agencies offer travel packages that are in fact carbon-neutral. Carbon emissions of a trip are pre-calculated, reduced where possible, and then offset entirely. Tick, tick, tick!

What Happens At Home, Doesn’t Stay At Home

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘What happens at X, stays at X’ – flip that thinking now!

Our environmentally friendly actions at home (like recycling and green waste), need not stay there – these learnings and behaviors need to remain with us wherever we go.

Simple things like bringing your water bottle with you on your trip for top-ups will save on purchasing single-use bottles and ultimately result in less land use.

Regardless of your efforts, travel will inevitably always have some impact on the environment. However, if we all play our part and consider our choices more often, two things will come up trumps – the environment and our back pockets!







Granted we’re in COVID mode and not entirely sure what this Christmas will look like yet, but let’s work on the assumption that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. You’re in charge of organising the office Christmas party, and the pressure’s on for you to outdo last year’s event, the brainchild of accounts manager Karen…

If you truly want to make it bigger and better and leave your peers demanding that this becomes your annual gig, then this article is for you. Follow these simple steps and you may as well add ‘Christmas Party Planning Guru’ to your job title now:


Music is undoubtedly a make or break move. Choose the right set and you’ll have everyone searching for band-aids the next morning, miss the mark and your guests will be coming up with all kinds of inventive excuses as to why they have to leave early.

Guaranteed floor fillers such as ‘Jacuzzi Soup’ are sure to create a party atmosphere…

However, if you’re after a more chilled out, afternoon event, we can vouch for musicians Jon Doe and Ngalii-bawi-li, regulars here at the Broken Hill Outback Resort.

An Experience Station

It’s a given that your guests will expect delicious food and yummy treats, it is Christmas after all! But what they wouldn’t necessarily see coming, and what would certainly set your event apart (from Karen’s little soiree), is an interactive food station. Think a desserts station, where guests could dunk their chosen delight into a chocolate fountain, dip their piping hot donut into cinnamon sugar or a selection of icings, thread their own bamboo skewer with a variety of fruits or fill a Christmas box with their lollies of choice! This station is guaranteed to turn even the most seasoned savory campaigner into a sweet tooth for the night.

And while on the topic of savory, this station would work just as effectively, with a selection of cheeses, antipasto, seafood, charcuterie, fruits, and nuts.

Whatever your fancy, offering food this way is both entertaining and fun!

Dress up for the event

We all have that special outfit in the cupboard that we keep for good, but really, how many opportunities do we get to wear it???

Make this event, that event! Get your guests excited about donning on their finest for a party that will match in class and style!

Capturing the event

Your party will live on for weeks, if not months, with the help of a centralised photo hub. Set up an event hashtag and send it out to your crew before it rolls around. Not only will this help create a buzz of what’s to come, but it will encourage your guests to be trigger happy at the event and be geared up to share with the team. You could even go one step further and hire a photo booth for added pizazz…Capturing memories is a great team bonding experience. And don’t forget to tag @brokenhilloutbackresort while you’re at it!

The perfect venue

And of course, none of the above would work or have any impact at all without the right venue…cue, the Broken Hill Outback Resort!

Now is the perfect time to touch base and secure your preferred date. With a variety of spaces for a multitude of uses over the festive period. Smaller teams after a more cool, private vibe may opt for our Coach House, while the Garden and Deck is ideal for a much bigger soiree, where we can accommodate larger groups, with a dance floor, live entertainment and more!

We love nothing more than a fabulous party – and we’d be honored to bring yours to life!

So what are you waiting for? Lock in your date now so you’re not disappointed later on, Fridays and Saturdays will book up fast.

We pride ourselves on:

        • Groups from 12 – 300 guests
        • Packages to suit every budget
        • Beautifully prepared food & beverage packages
        • Daytime & evening Christmas functions
        • Just 15 minutes from the town centre.
        • Transport options and parking available
        • Discounted accommodation for event bookings.  $125 normal price is $155 for king cabin and $140 normal price is $175 for Spa Cabin but book early to avoid missing out. Only available for event attendees.

          We look forward to working with you to create something truly unforgettable, an event that will leave Karen and the rest of your team awestruck!

Get in touch with our Events and Group Manager to ensure you don’t miss out on your preferred location and date!


MAHAELA JACKSON Groups & Events Reservations Manager
E: groups@ootoo.com.au
P: 0448 381 097




Second birthday savings

Out of the Ordinary Outback is celebrating the two-year anniversary of the opening of Broken Hill Outback Resort by offering a 10 per cent saving on all weekend stays this spring at the resort and three outback sister properties also owned by NSW outback tourism company, Out of the Ordinary Outback.

Using the 10 per cent saving, weekend rates (Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights) are now available from $158 per cabin per night at Broken Hill Outback Resort, $117 per cabin per night at the Warrawong on the Darling holiday park at Wilcannia, $89 per room per night at Copper City Motel/Hotel in Cobar and $161 per room per night (inc breakfast) at the famous White Cliffs Underground Motel – Australia’s largest underground accommodation. (These rates include the 10 per cent discount).

The 10 per saving is available for weekend stays until December 31, 2020, excluding school holidays.

Visit the properties websites to book online or call 1300 679 688.

Out of the Ordinary Outback owns seven properties in far west NSW – Broken Hill Outback Resort as well as The Argent Motel and The Tourist Lodge – both in Broken Hill, and the Copper City Motel/Hotel in Cobar, Warrawong on the Darling at Wilcannia, the Ivanhoe Hotel Motel and the famous White Cliffs Underground Motel – Australia’s largest underground accommodation. Out of the Ordinary Outback also owns the Tri State Safaris touring company.  


Lisa and her family of 4 recently travelled from Sydney to Broken Hill. Lisa a travel blogger stayed at our properties and provided her own insights and Q&A’s about travelling with kids. Currently travelling around Australia in our self converted campervan – a Toyota Hiace Commuter called Vanya!

nsw outback

We have been travelling the world with our kids since they were born and last year decided that it was time to explore Australia, so we bought Vanya and spent 12 months converting her to sit and sleep all of us!

Our original plan was to set off at Easter, but then COVID happened and we put our trip on hold until July, when we hit the road, first exploring our home state of NSW (namely Outback NSW).

How much time was spent planning the road trip? What type of technology or maps did you use to plan out your stops and overnight stays?

I have been planning this trip since we bought Vanya in April 2019 – it is one of my favourite things to do! We are up to about version #75 now (mostly thanks to COVID!) but something that I have learnt over my years of travel is that you need to be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way.

We have our general route planned a week or two in advance, and then as we travel, I research the best places for us to stay. I mostly use Instagram to find the best places to visit, the WikiCamps app to find the best campgrounds, and Google maps is my absolute best friend!

We also bought an old school road atlas so our 6 year old can follow along from the back seat!

outback nsw

How was travelling during school holidays? Did the kids mingle with other kids in caravan/ holiday parks and is that your preferred way to travel?

I love to travel during the school holidays because there are always other families around! My kids really miss other kids when we are on the road, so they love to have others to play with. My oldest was really shy, but travelling has taught him how to be brave and make new friends, and now he is the first to run up and introduce himself!

And although we do enjoy chatting to the grey nomads, it’s so nice to talk with other parents and find out about their recommendations for the best things to do and see!

Helpful hints on what to pack and prepare when road travelling with kids?

We are lucky that our boys are so small and are used to travelling, so they are generally pretty happy to sit back and enjoy the drive. We usually drive only an hour and a half or so at a time to break up long drives, and most towns have a kids’ playground for us to stretch our legs.

We also use lollies as distraction on those long-drive days! We don’t let them eat in their seats (as the campervan is also where we sleep!) but lollies are another story! When they start getting fed up in their seats, I get out the snakes or chupa chups, and that keeps them going for a little while longer!

We don’t have iPads or other devices yet, although my 6 year old has started playing games on my phone, so we have that as a last resort! They are generally pretty happy with activity books, toy cars and playing spotto and I-spy!

outback nsw

Playgrounds to stop over during the drive, great spots for kids to stretch the legs?

The best playgrounds that we have found have been Patton Park in Broken Hill (across the road from Bells Milk Bar) and Drummond Park in Cobar (a short walk from the Copper City Motel).

They both have great play equipment, clean toilets, nice picnic tables and shade. Kids really need to burn off a lot of energy, especially on long travel days, and these were both awesome places for that!

What were the top 5 highlights of the trip and what did the kids love most? 

1. Staying in the Underground Motel in White Cliffs! I don’t think that we will ever forget sleeping in a cave underground! The boys loved exploring the underground tunnels, and climbing up to the surface for sunset.

2. Silverton – we loved Silverton (24km from Broken Hill) so much that we went twice! It is like being on a movie set, hot and dusty with tumbleweeds blowing around deserted buildings! The kids really enjoyed the Mad Max museum (despite never having seen the movies!) and the Silverton Hotel was a great spot for lunch (and donkey spotting!).

3. Mungo National Park – we drove from Sydney to Broken Hill via Mungo National Park and it was amazingly beautiful, like nothing we’ve seen before! We all loved the Great Walls of China tour, which took us up onto the lunettes and sand dunes – the biggest sandpit the boys have ever seen!

4. Campfires – the four of us all love to sit by the fire each evening and watch the stars come out. Being from the city, seeing the Milky Way is so exciting, as is toasting marshmallows! Many caravan parks have communal campfires, so it’s a great way to meet other travellers and share stories. Our favourite was at Warrawong on the Darling, where the park manager brought us all cheese and crackers as we sat by the fire (which was in an old tractor wheel)! The beautiful campfire at the Broken Hill Outback Resort also rates highly!

5. While we were staying at the Broken Hill Outback Resort, we watched a massive thunderstorm roll in over the nearby hills. We had never seen anything like it! Huge black clouds, but with the sunset shining through hitting the rain drops as they fell, along with lightning strikes every few seconds – it was spectacular!

How do you fit all your luggage into the car? 

Our van isn’t huge – it’s an old minivan, so we have had to really limit what we bring. I find that when we are camping, we tend to wear the same things over and over anyway! We designed the cupboards inside the van to fit packing cubes, so that’s how we store our clothes, and other items are in drawers under the bed. If you are interested in seeing a tour of our van, it is saved under my story highlights on our instagram page.

We have roof racks for extra storage, for the things we don’t need to use all the time, but really we have just become very good at travelling light! You really don’t need as much stuff as you think you do!

outback tour

How do parents cope travelling with kids – lots of wine?

The most important thing that I have learnt since travelling with kids is patience. Everything takes way longer than you think it will and we can’t do as much each day as we would have in our younger travel days!

We take it easy in the mornings, as I find that mornings really set the tone for the day. At most places check out time is 10am, and we will pretty much always stay until then! We have a coffee or two (it’s an added bonus if the caravan park has a cafe!) and take our time getting ready. I’ve found that if we stress out and rush the boys, the whole day ends up being chaotic and stressful.

And also wine! I love when we have set up camp and can just sit back and relax with a drink, while the boys run about and play! We have a travel tradition that we watch the sunset with a drink every night, its the best time of day – especially if there is a campfire too!

In the time of COVID what did you need to prepare and be aware of? How did this change your usual type of travel?

COVID has dramatically changed our travel plans this year. We hoped to do a big lap of Australia, but with the borders closing we are not sure if this is going to be possible.

There is a lot more admin now as we travel around – most places we stay need to know our whereabouts for the previous 14 days to make sure we haven’t been in a hotspot.

We have all become expert hand-washers and we always carry soap and hand sanitizer with us. Most places that we have stayed are taking the extra hygiene practices very seriously, and we always keep our distance from other people – this is pretty easy to do in Outback NSW!

I think that this is the perfect time for people from NSW to travel around their home state (as long as regulations permit it, of course!). With international travel off the cards, I hope that families set out to explore all that Outback NSW has to offer!



Been locked up in isolation too long, need to dust off those cobwebs and really blow off some stream? Then an adventure in the good old Aussie outback may just do the trick – and Tri State Safaris Outback Tours are just the team to deliver!

Tri State Safaris Outback Tours (winner of 6 golds at the Australian Tourism Awards) not only specialise in tours inspired by our big brown (actually more reddish) land, they can expertly tailor adventures to create bespoke experiences.

At the very heart of outback adventure country, the Broken Hill region is a living, breathing time capsule where the great mining prosperity of yesteryear blends seamlessly with a rising modern art scene, all set amid a sprawling desert landscape. It’s a place of huge skies, red rocky earth and a fascinating and internationally significant history.

Tri State Safaris offers local insight into a large range of popular travel destinations from Broken Hill, which can be directly and easily accessed by car, flight or train out of Sydney, Melbourne, Mildura and Adelaide. All tours are mapped out in a way that allow participants to see and experience as much of the Australian outback as possible in the time they have available.

With a tantalizing range of tours to choose from – if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, the expert adventure team will happily create it for you!

1-2 day tours range from relishing the serenity at Mutawintji National Park, witnessing rock engravings from long ago through to exploring historic buildings, mine sites and the stunning night sky.

As tempting as these are, it’s safe to assume that after being confined by COVID-19 for months on end, a longer tour is required (and while on the topic, rest assured that there is full COVID safety and compliance with all tours and experiences!) One of the most popular Tri State Safaris Outback Tours is the 3 day Outback Adventure Tour – which highlights some of the outback’s finest, history, wildlife and stunning landscapes, all in one. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Medindee lakes with a river cruise, learn about the history and indigenous culture of Wilcannia, absorb the tranquility and abundant wildlife at Warrawong on the Darling, and stay at the famous Underground motel at White Cliffs (one to tick off the bucket list!).

For those looking to experience all that the outback has to offer, but in a more stylish and comfortable manner – then one of these deluxe tours may be a better fit.

The 3 day Mungo Deluxe Eco Tour centers around Aboriginal culture with a little luxury thrown in. This tour is a fabulous opportunity to soak up the stunning red landscape, without having to sacrifice creature comforts. Experiencing the mystical ‘Walls of China’ at sunset will form lifelong memories as well as marveling at the continuously shifting Perry Sandhills. Trentham Estate Winery on the banks of the Murray River is the ideal lunch spot to reflect on travelling through the Willandra Lakes World Heritage listed region and historic Wentworth and Pooncarie.

Have an extra day up your sleeve? Then the 4 Day Deluxe Broken Hill Highlights Tour may be the one for you. With ‘deluxe’ being the operative word, this tour includes all delicious meals and A+ accommodation. Base yourself at the new Broken Hill Outback resort in your own king spa cabin while taking in the best of the area. Experience the serenity of the Menindee Lakes with an hour cruise, the majestic scenery at Kinchega and Mutawintji National Parks, Aboriginal and indigenous art dating back thousands of years, native wildlife up close in their natural habit and tour around the local arts scene and famous movie set locations (ever hear of Mad Max and Priscilla Queen of the Desert?).

A popular option for those of us who love our cameras, from the professional photographer through to the happy snapper, the 4 Day Corner Country Tour is perfect for those looking to capture the outback in its truest form and at its most authentic. Think colour, nature and scenery in overload – you will be amazed at natures contrasting colours, endless horizons, vibrant red sand dunes and rugged escarpments. You’ll call the Underground Motel at White Cliffs home while you ‘noodle’ for opal in the working fields, explore the stunning landscapes at Sturt National Park and Milparinka, visit Cameron Corner where three states meet and all the while soaking in an abundance of vibrant vegetation, wildlife and birds along the way.

Visit the world heritage listed Mungo National Park, Menindee region and the majestic Darling River. Explore the copper mining heritage of Cobar, experience indigenous culture and natural beauty at Warrawong on the Darling, the heritage sites of Mutawintji National Park and the famous underground White Cliffs hotel. This tour even has you enjoying a yarn and a tinny or two with locals at the Ivanhoe pub!

Got your own 4WD and would prefer a tour where you can ‘tag along’ by driving your own vehicle instead? Tri State Safaris Outback Tours has that sorted too! The Tag Along Tours are a great option for those wanting the company of others, without the hassle of planning the trip, asking for directions, transporting and cooking your own food – Tri State Safaris takes care of it all! Not to mention the fact that you’re welcome to tag along to any tour that takes you fancy.

Adventure touring in the outback just doesn’t get any easier, any more enjoyable or any more rewarding!

So instead of flocking to Europe this year, to enjoy their summer, why not use the opportunity to explore what this great country of ours has to offer? You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the most soul satisfying and memorable places to visit are just under your nose!

For more information or to book a tour, visit www.tristate.com.au




Sick of looking at the same four walls that you’ve been confined to for the past 3 months? With the green light barely ignited on domestic travel, there’s never been a better time to pack the car and head away for a well-deserved break. Covid-19 has certainly taken its toll and we are all in desperate need of a change of scenery.

Imagine setting off along the M31, zoning out to your favourite tunes, heading for a more peaceful destination where the only thing on your to-do list is to hit the re-set button and take much needed time out for yourself.

You’ll find the perfect destination for R&R only a short 12 hours car ride from the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD (13 hours if you decide to take the train!)

The mining town of Broken Hill is about as stereotypically ‘Aussie outback’ as it gets. The very ‘wide brown land for me’ that Dorothea Mackellar speaks so fondly of in her legendary ‘My Country’ poem and featured on the big screens in the famous Mad Max 2 sequel.

Whilst visitors primarily flock to heritage-listed Broken Hill for their dose of ‘good old’ country life, the areas raw beauty, natural charm and array of attractions keep them coming back.

We’ve listed our must-visit attractions while you’re in town:

The Living Desert Sculptures located 9km north of Broken Hill. Here you’ll find a collection of unique sandstone sculptures, each created by international artists in 1993. The sculptures capture the essence of the breathtaking landscape and glow brilliantly as the setting sun lights up the desert sky.

You’ll find Aboriginal history in abundance at The Mutawintji National Park. After viewing some of the best collections of Aboriginal art in NSW at the Mutawintji Historic Site, explore the area by bushwalking along the Bynguano Range walking track or tick of a bucket list item by camping out under the dazzling outback night sky.

And while on the subject of dazzling night skies, the clear night sky just outside of Broken Hill is so ideal for stargazing that Outback Astronomy offers guided tours through the Milky Way. Sign up for a sky show and unravel some of the mysteries of the universe; pinpointing stars and constellations; and learn about dark energy, asteroids and secrets behind our moon.

About 15 miles north of Broken Hill is Silverton, a town of 90 or so residents that, in traditional Australian fashion, manages to maintain a thriving pub. Don’t let size fool you, this little hotel punches well about its weight! The Original Silverton Hotel is one of the most iconic landmarks in the area (so it’s a must see with your own eyes kind of attraction) – having starred in block buster movies such as Razorback, Mission Impossible II, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and of course Mad Max 2.

Movie buffs can go one step further and visit the Mad Max Museum – Australia’s first and only museum dedicated to Mad Max 2.

A few kilometres north of Silverton, the view from the Mundi Mundi Plains is like nothing else – aptly referred to as ‘the edge of the world’. The hill drops away and the vast plain at your feet seems to stretch away to eternity over the sun-scorched canvas of the desert landscape. A must for those looking to witness the outback sunset in all its absolute glory.

And a trip to the outback just wouldn’t be complete without visiting a ‘classic outback pub’. And the Packsaddle Roadhouse, 175km north of Broken Hill is pretty much as classic as it gets. Full of charm, character, miscellaneous collectables, and regulars with stories to share, this stop will be the icing on your outback experience cake (or rather the froth on top of your icy beer!)

With so much to see and do, it’s important to have great accommodation as a base while you visit.

Our accommodation pick while in town is the Broken Hill Outback Resort.

Offering the perfect balance between nature and luxury, the Broken Hill Outback Resort is designed for anyone seeking quality accommodation in the heart of the Australian outback. With a mix of powered and unpowered caravan and camping sites on level, grassy areas complete with a high spec amenities block, camp kitchen, kids playground, King Spa Cabins and a Bar/ Restaurant, this resort brings a little luxury, comfort and convenience to the outback.

Equipped with its own private veranda and spa bath, King Spa Cabins range from $155 – $175 a night. With the Mt Gipps Hotel located on site, there’s no need to cook, delicious meals are a breeze. 

Surrounded by breathtaking views of the Barrier ranges, the Broken Hill Outback Resort allows guests to soak in the vastness of the outback with its serenity and quintessentially Australian rugged landscapes all while enjoying the comforts of resort living. The location also provides the perfect backdrop for inspirational sunrise and sunset viewing. And if you’re lucky enough to be staying at the resort on a Sunday, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting local Broken Hill camels from midday!

And don’t think for a minute just because we’re recommending Broken Hill as your final destination doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to see and do along the way…in fact the journey there and back is part of the overall outback experience!

Dubbo – Looking for a pit stop to stretch your legs after 5hrs into starting your trip? Dubbo is ideal. With its famous Taronga Western Plains Zoo, your legs will be thankful for more time in the car after you’ve visited! Allow around 2-2.5hrs hours to walk the 3.4km zoo circuit. The perfect spot to scrub up on your animal identification skills, grab some fresh air and a bite to eat.

Cobar – Cobar is an active mining town 458km/4.5hr drive from Broken Hill, where the new Cobar Mine currently operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The Fort Bourke Lookout offers an incredible view of the mine, and the surrounding landscape. Make sure you’ve got plenty of charge on your phone for photos and videos when you stop by.

Wilcannia – Wilcannia, an 11hr drive from Sydney, was once a thriving river port on the edge of the Outback, transporting wheat and wool along the Darling by paddle-steamer in the 19th century. Today, its dusty streets are still lined with a remarkable collection of heritage buildings and there’s an emerging movement of local artists.

The historic town of White Cliffs is a stone’s throw from Wilcannia, less than an hour’s drive along. Known for being home to Australia’s oldest commercial opal field, there are opal showrooms to visit and a unique Underground Motel to spend the night (another tick for that elusive bucket list!)

However, if above ground is more your thing, and you’re chasing the real Australian Outback experience but with comfort thrown in, then Warrawong on the Darling is for you. Offering an abundance of wildlife and unspoilt tranquillity it really is the perfect spot to stop and absorb what the outback is all about – including the ever-changing colours of the sunsets.

Located on the banks of the Darling River in NSW, just off the Barrier Highway, 3km east of the Wilcannia township, Warrawong on the Darlin offers all you’ll need in accommodation – modern cabins, caravan and bush camping all along the billabong. With a high-spec amenities block, grassy sites along the natural lagoon and river and beautiful scenery, this is the ideal night stopover (or longer) for comfort seeking campers.

With Broken Hill (and many of the surrounding tourist towns we’ve highlighted) offering spectacular landscapes, sunsets, night skies, mining history, art galleries, festivals, shopping, local and chain restaurants (yes, tell the kids Broken Hill does has a Maccas!), and much more, there really is something for everyone!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get up and get out, clear the head with some good old country air and embrace a change of scenery and pace. Not only is a great excuse to charge your batteries, it’s a great chance to charge your cars battery as well – after all, it’s likely to have been sitting idle (albeit in the garage) for the past 3 months too – and especially while petrol is as cheap as it is!!!



Outback NSW is perfect for isolation, social distancing and escape so to help Australians enjoy the warmth, fresh air, big skies, vast spaces, seclusion and endless horizons of the region, Outback NSW tourism company, Out of the Ordinary Outback, has released special offers for road trip travellers exploring the country in ‘out of the ordinary’ times.

Now is also a perfect time to explore the crowd-free outback of NSW with the storied Darling River flowing for the first time in years after recent rains, flourishing the ochred plains with colour and birdlife. A scenic journey can be taken along the river from Walgett to Wentworth.

Out of the Ordinary Outback owns seven properties in far west NSW– Broken Hill Outback Resort as well as The Argent Motel and The Tourist Lodge – both in Broken Hill, and the Copper City Motel/Hotel in Cobar, Warrawong on the Darling at Wilcannia, the Ivanhoe Hotel Motel and the famous White Cliffs Underground Motel – Australia’s largest underground accommodation. Out of the Ordinary Outback also owns the Tri State Safaris touring company.

New Offers

  • Stay at the world-renowned White Cliffs Underground Motel for one night for $149 per room (including continental buffet breakfast). Book online or call 1300 679 688 to discuss your travel plans. 
  • Stay by a billabong at Warrawong on the Darling near Wilcannia (cabins $125 a night, caravan sites $40) for one or more nights and then receive a $40 discount at the White Cliffs Underground Motel one hour away ($109 a night after the discount). Book online or call 1300 679 688 to discuss your travel plans. 
  • Stay at more than one property in Out of the Ordinary Outback’s portfolio and receive a five (10%) percent discount at each property as part of your multi-property package. Mention where you have recently stayed and a discount will be applied, give us a call on 1300 679 688.
  • Get more out of your visit when you stay 3 nights caravanning or camping – the 4th night is free! 

New deluxe swags are also available at the Broken Hill Outback Resort for $30 a person or $60 per couple, including linen and set up. Luxury spa studios at the resort overlooking the desert are available from $155 a night. Caravan and camping sites are from $30 a night.

Out of the Ordinary Outback owner, Scott Smith, said the group’s properties would appeal to roadtrip travellers seeking tranquillity, space and adventure. “Self-isolation is easy in the outback where you can find lots of personal space, serenity, stillness and perspective,” Mr Smith said.

For bookings, call Out of the Ordinary Outback on 1300 679 688.

All of us at Out of the Ordinary Outback hope you’re all faring well during this unusual time.

If you’re anything like us, then you’re probably itching to hit the road again and go on an adventure (or 10). Though we don’t yet know when we’ll have this kind of freedom again, we DO know that brighter days are ahead and that we WILL be able to travel around freely again at some stage.

And in our oh-so-humble opinion, we strongly feel that a trip to the NSW Outback should be first on your post COVID-19 to-do list.  Here’s why:

1. Continue Your Self-Isolation & Social Distancing

If you’re a little hesitant to get back out there in the wild once restrictions are lifted, an excellent way to dip your toes in with minimal risk of infection is by going somewhere remote. Y’know, where you’re not very likely to be in close proximity to anyone at all.

And what better place to be remote than Outback NSW?

We reckon you could complete your entire Sydney to Broken Hill Outback NSW road trip without coming into contact with anyone, if you play your cards right.

Sunset on the Menindee LakesMenindee Lake at sunset.

2. It’s Close To Home

Well, this may not be true for everyone reading this article, but for Aussies living in New South Wales, Victoria, or even South Australia, Outback NSW is relatively close to home. It’s a lengthy but doable drive if you live in any of those 3 states.

We’re not sure what travel is going to look like after COVID-19, but it seems likely that local travel will happen again before international travel does. That means Australians will be looking to travel within their country, and likely closer to home (i.e. somewhere within driving distance, so they don’t have to go to the airport or board a plane).

So instead of using your fast-accumulating paid leave on an overseas trip, why not use it for a week (or even two week)-long road trip through Outback New South Wales?

3. It’s Affordable

We completely empathise with those who have suffered a loss or work or income during the age of COVID-19. The last thing most of us feel comfortable doing anytime soon is spending a whole lot of money.

That’s why a road trip through the NSW Outback is an ideal option. If you have your own vehicle and don’t mind camping (either in it, or in a tent), all you really have to worry about paying for is petrol, a campsite, and food (which you’d be paying for anyway if you stayed home instead).

If you have a little extra money to spend and would rather sleep in a proper bed, there are many affordable accommodation options available. Our Broken Hill Outback Resort is constantly offering amazing deals on rooms and packages. 

Have a look at our homepage to find the best places to stay in the Outback!

4. The Weather is Fine

We’re blessed with fantastic weather for most of the year here in the Outback. Think no rain and an average temperature of 10 degrees in winter, and a range of 16-25 degrees in spring and autumn.

Summer temps tend to crack 30 degrees most days, so if you’re sensitive to heat you may want to plan your trip for another time of year. 

5. It’s EPIC

We may be biased (ok, we’re definitely biased), but the NSW Outback is one of Australia’s hidden gems. It’s such a special place, and honestly part of the reason it’s so special is because it doesn’t get the tourist buzz that many other Aussie hotspots do (lookin’ at you, Great Barrier Reef and Uluru). 

If you love nature, clear night skies, long dusty roads, and epic landscapes, then the Outback of NSW is your kind of place. Where else can you find kitschy roadhouses and underground hotels? 


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The COVID-19 virus has presented ‘out of the ordinary’ circumstances for us all but we want to ensure all our valued staff and guests that your health and wellbeing are our top priorities and that we are taking all possible measures to protect you. While we always maintain a high level of hygiene at our properties and adhere to all food safety and hygiene practices, we have implemented additional cleaning to reduce the health risks further. All staff have been instructed to wash their hands regularly and disinfect hard surfaces frequently each day, including reception areas, eftpos machines, phones, computers and communal areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Room cleaning

Rooms will be cleaned daily as usual by our housekeeping staff. Staff will incorporate a number of additional hygiene procedures to ensure all surfaces are sanitised. Noting that this is already our normal procedure, but will include extra steps such as glove and mask-wearing by our staff and a special antibacterial surface spray used for surfaces.

Food handling and service

It is thought that the transfer of CODIV-19 via food is unlikely, see Food Standards Australia. In any case, all staff involved in food handling will be following the standard precautions. All surfaces will be cleaned with alcohol-based cleaning products prior to serving. In restaurant dining tables, will be arranged with a minimum of 2m spacing between each. Evening meal service will need to be booked by guests if they do not choose in-room dining. By booking, we are also minimising the number of guests in the restaurant at one time.

* we can also promote our outdoor dining options.

In-room food service

Guests not wishing to circulate with other guests and staff also have the option of in-room service.

In-room mini-bar

An in-room mini-bar and drinks service will be made available on guest request. Each of our properties is a community hub and we want to ensure that you feel confident in staying with us in an environment that is tightly and responsibly managed. If you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please notify us so we can reschedule your stay with us at a later date. Please note that our terms and conditions apply and check that you are within your cancellation period to avoid any fees, so please plan accordingly.

How can we all help prevent the spread of the virus?

Practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence against most viruses. You should: wash your hands frequently with soap and water before and after eating, and after going to the toiletcover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

With personal sanitisers in short supply, here’s a simple recipe to make your own.

Recipe for hand sanitiser:
  • 2/3 cup 99% rubbing/ isopropyl alcohol (you’ll need a higher ratio of alcohol to allow if you cant find 99% rubbing alcohol)
  • 1/3 aloe vera gel
  • Fragrance of pure essential oil

If you are feeling well, visit one of our properties soon and enjoy a deserved break from everything that is happening. You’ll also be supporting a local business.

Safe travels. Management Team Out of the Ordinary Outback


Discount rates released for newly launched event and conference venues in outback NSW – including underground!

One of the biggest tourism businesses in far west NSW – Out of the Ordinary Outback – has launched a program to attract more social and corporate events to its flagship properties in Outback NSW, with discounted package rates released for functions, meetings and conferences for up to 300 people.

The MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and events) venues include the new Broken Hill Outback Resort and its luxury spa studios overlooking the desert, the famous White Cliffs Underground Motel and Copper City Hotel/Motel in Cobar which will reopen its function and hotel facilities by mid-2020 with a new look.

Out of the Ordinary Outback owner, Scott Smith, encouraged companies, groups and clubs to support remote, regional areas like outback NSW by holding events, meetings or team-bonding programs in the area, with the flow-on effect benefitting the wider community.

“We offer unique, first-rate locations for events and conferences – underground or surrounded by the rugged outback – so not only will guests and delegates enjoy special and enriching experiences, they will also be helping to support the economy in the local community,” Mr Smith said. “Hosting events in the outback also helps builds strong teams and networks within businesses, clubs or groups whop use our venues for events.”

Activities that can be organised for groups include four-wheel-drive adventures, campfire meals, hikes, indigenous art tours, native cooking or photography classes, space observatory experiences, visits to outback pubs and opal mines and talks by local indigenous identities.

Newly released, discounted rates for social and corporate groups (min 20 people & valid from now to March 31, 2021) . include:

– $205 per person per night including dinner, bed, breakfast and event costs at the new Broken Hill Outback Resort which offers luxury, king studios with spa tubs and outdoor decks overlooking the desert as well as indoor and outdoor venues accommodating up to 300 people. Until March 31, 2021

– $180 per person per night including dinner, bed, breakfast and event costs at the famous White Cliffs Underground Motel, north-east of Broken Hill – the largest underground accommodation in Australia. Facilities include underground and outdoor event spaces for up to 100 people and a hilltop stargazing and canapes area on the ‘roof’ of the underground motel. Until March 31, 2021

– $160 per person per night including dinner, bed, breakfast and event costs at the Copper City Hotel/Motel in Cobar which will re-open its function, bar and restaurant facilities by mid-2020 after renovations. Until March 31, 2021

Extra discounted rate for MICE groups

Out of the Ordinary Outback is also offering a discounted rate of $100 per couple per night in a king spa studio at the Broken Hill Outback Resort for those attending a booked group function, event or party at the resort (min 20 people) until January 31, 2020.

Visit outoftheordinaryoutback.com.au, email admin@outoftheordinaryoutback.com.au, or call 1300 679 688.