Bigger and Better: Australia’s largest underground motel announce reopening date

Iconic outback accommodation venue set to complete extensive renovations in March

The White Cliffs Underground Motel has announced it will reopen on March 18th, 2018. The unique Outback accommodation venue closed on December 15th to begin a variety of extensions, renovations and refurbishments. During the four months of closure, a number of room upgrades have been completed with more are underway including a new shared facilities such as bathroom and dining room.  

General facilities will also experience an upgrade with the addition of a family room and games room. The motel will also expand above ground with an outdoor lounge with many modern features including wood fireplace and flat screen television.

Located almost entirely beneath the ground, upgrades for the Underground Motel have been a unique and complicated process. The venue’s 32 rooms have been dug, shaped and carved almost entirely by hand, using jackhammers and blowers. High quality water, power and amenities are available thanks to the innovative work of Outback tradesmen.

The renovations come as part of the plan to revitalise the iconic Outback venue, after its purchase by growing outback enterprise, Out of the Ordinary Outback. Renovations already completed include an underground pub with beers on tap and the popular reinvention of its established restaurant.

The White Cliffs Underground Motel aims to uphold its reputation of adapting to customer needs. Motel management predicts that the addition of ensuites will continue to show patrons how much customer feedback is valued.

To read more about the White Cliffs Underground Motel (or to be amongst the first to enjoy their new renovations) visit their website or follow them on their Facebook page.