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2020 is clearly a year we’d rather forget. Whilst we’re still in the midst of Covid restrictions and adjusting to new ways of living, it was only months ago that Australia was in a state of natural disaster, engulfed by raging bushfires. Whilst the devastation and loss insurmountable, there was one positive, the elevation of global warming as a very real issue, resulting in a more environmentally aware nation.

In fact, research was undertaken by the travel search engine, Booking.com reveals that 55% of travelers are more determined to make sustainable choices than they were a year ago.

While travel is still largely on hold because of the pandemic, we can still dream and plan for where our next adventures lie.

To help with these plans, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when next you travel, that are easy and effective ways of ensuring our environment comes first:

Reduce Airtime

Cheap and frequent flights (before Covid clearly) have us spoilt for choice, so much so that many of us (especially those who fly regularly for work) don’t blink an eye on a return trip on the same day. Where you can, plan. Instead of rushing back, look at staying a day or two longer, seeing multiple people, or visiting multiple places in the one visit. Cutting out air travel is the number one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Opt for a train where you can for domestic or border hoping travel.

Choose Economy and Travel Light

We all love a bit of pampering, (especially after being in lockdown for so long), so it’s understandable to think first or business class is the only way to fly. A better option for the environment, as well as your back pocket, is to travel the economy instead. The more bodies on a plane at once mean fewer flights are necessary – economical and efficient!

And packing light will also play its part. We all know how much slower a car is when its boot is full to the brim, it’s the same philosophy – the lighter something is, the faster and more efficiently it can move.

Use A Sustainable Travel Agency

Believe it or not, there is such a thing. Some of the more innovative and future savvy travel agencies offer travel packages that are in fact carbon-neutral. Carbon emissions of a trip are pre-calculated, reduced where possible, and then offset entirely. Tick, tick, tick!

What Happens At Home, Doesn’t Stay At Home

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘What happens at X, stays at X’ – flip that thinking now!

Our environmentally friendly actions at home (like recycling and green waste), need not stay there – these learnings and behaviors need to remain with us wherever we go.

Simple things like bringing your water bottle with you on your trip for top-ups will save on purchasing single-use bottles and ultimately result in less land use.

Regardless of your efforts, travel will inevitably always have some impact on the environment. However, if we all play our part and consider our choices more often, two things will come up trumps – the environment and our back pockets!






Lisa and her family of 4 recently travelled from Sydney to Broken Hill. Lisa a travel blogger stayed at our properties and provided her own insights and Q&A’s about travelling with kids. Currently travelling around Australia in our self converted campervan – a Toyota Hiace Commuter called Vanya!

nsw outback

We have been travelling the world with our kids since they were born and last year decided that it was time to explore Australia, so we bought Vanya and spent 12 months converting her to sit and sleep all of us!

Our original plan was to set off at Easter, but then COVID happened and we put our trip on hold until July, when we hit the road, first exploring our home state of NSW (namely Outback NSW).

How much time was spent planning the road trip? What type of technology or maps did you use to plan out your stops and overnight stays?

I have been planning this trip since we bought Vanya in April 2019 – it is one of my favourite things to do! We are up to about version #75 now (mostly thanks to COVID!) but something that I have learnt over my years of travel is that you need to be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way.

We have our general route planned a week or two in advance, and then as we travel, I research the best places for us to stay. I mostly use Instagram to find the best places to visit, the WikiCamps app to find the best campgrounds, and Google maps is my absolute best friend!

We also bought an old school road atlas so our 6 year old can follow along from the back seat!

outback nsw

How was travelling during school holidays? Did the kids mingle with other kids in caravan/ holiday parks and is that your preferred way to travel?

I love to travel during the school holidays because there are always other families around! My kids really miss other kids when we are on the road, so they love to have others to play with. My oldest was really shy, but travelling has taught him how to be brave and make new friends, and now he is the first to run up and introduce himself!

And although we do enjoy chatting to the grey nomads, it’s so nice to talk with other parents and find out about their recommendations for the best things to do and see!

Helpful hints on what to pack and prepare when road travelling with kids?

We are lucky that our boys are so small and are used to travelling, so they are generally pretty happy to sit back and enjoy the drive. We usually drive only an hour and a half or so at a time to break up long drives, and most towns have a kids’ playground for us to stretch our legs.

We also use lollies as distraction on those long-drive days! We don’t let them eat in their seats (as the campervan is also where we sleep!) but lollies are another story! When they start getting fed up in their seats, I get out the snakes or chupa chups, and that keeps them going for a little while longer!

We don’t have iPads or other devices yet, although my 6 year old has started playing games on my phone, so we have that as a last resort! They are generally pretty happy with activity books, toy cars and playing spotto and I-spy!

outback nsw

Playgrounds to stop over during the drive, great spots for kids to stretch the legs?

The best playgrounds that we have found have been Patton Park in Broken Hill (across the road from Bells Milk Bar) and Drummond Park in Cobar (a short walk from the Copper City Motel).

They both have great play equipment, clean toilets, nice picnic tables and shade. Kids really need to burn off a lot of energy, especially on long travel days, and these were both awesome places for that!

What were the top 5 highlights of the trip and what did the kids love most? 

1. Staying in the Underground Motel in White Cliffs! I don’t think that we will ever forget sleeping in a cave underground! The boys loved exploring the underground tunnels, and climbing up to the surface for sunset.

2. Silverton – we loved Silverton (24km from Broken Hill) so much that we went twice! It is like being on a movie set, hot and dusty with tumbleweeds blowing around deserted buildings! The kids really enjoyed the Mad Max museum (despite never having seen the movies!) and the Silverton Hotel was a great spot for lunch (and donkey spotting!).

3. Mungo National Park – we drove from Sydney to Broken Hill via Mungo National Park and it was amazingly beautiful, like nothing we’ve seen before! We all loved the Great Walls of China tour, which took us up onto the lunettes and sand dunes – the biggest sandpit the boys have ever seen!

4. Campfires – the four of us all love to sit by the fire each evening and watch the stars come out. Being from the city, seeing the Milky Way is so exciting, as is toasting marshmallows! Many caravan parks have communal campfires, so it’s a great way to meet other travellers and share stories. Our favourite was at Warrawong on the Darling, where the park manager brought us all cheese and crackers as we sat by the fire (which was in an old tractor wheel)! The beautiful campfire at the Broken Hill Outback Resort also rates highly!

5. While we were staying at the Broken Hill Outback Resort, we watched a massive thunderstorm roll in over the nearby hills. We had never seen anything like it! Huge black clouds, but with the sunset shining through hitting the rain drops as they fell, along with lightning strikes every few seconds – it was spectacular!

How do you fit all your luggage into the car? 

Our van isn’t huge – it’s an old minivan, so we have had to really limit what we bring. I find that when we are camping, we tend to wear the same things over and over anyway! We designed the cupboards inside the van to fit packing cubes, so that’s how we store our clothes, and other items are in drawers under the bed. If you are interested in seeing a tour of our van, it is saved under my story highlights on our instagram page.

We have roof racks for extra storage, for the things we don’t need to use all the time, but really we have just become very good at travelling light! You really don’t need as much stuff as you think you do!

outback tour

How do parents cope travelling with kids – lots of wine?

The most important thing that I have learnt since travelling with kids is patience. Everything takes way longer than you think it will and we can’t do as much each day as we would have in our younger travel days!

We take it easy in the mornings, as I find that mornings really set the tone for the day. At most places check out time is 10am, and we will pretty much always stay until then! We have a coffee or two (it’s an added bonus if the caravan park has a cafe!) and take our time getting ready. I’ve found that if we stress out and rush the boys, the whole day ends up being chaotic and stressful.

And also wine! I love when we have set up camp and can just sit back and relax with a drink, while the boys run about and play! We have a travel tradition that we watch the sunset with a drink every night, its the best time of day – especially if there is a campfire too!

In the time of COVID what did you need to prepare and be aware of? How did this change your usual type of travel?

COVID has dramatically changed our travel plans this year. We hoped to do a big lap of Australia, but with the borders closing we are not sure if this is going to be possible.

There is a lot more admin now as we travel around – most places we stay need to know our whereabouts for the previous 14 days to make sure we haven’t been in a hotspot.

We have all become expert hand-washers and we always carry soap and hand sanitizer with us. Most places that we have stayed are taking the extra hygiene practices very seriously, and we always keep our distance from other people – this is pretty easy to do in Outback NSW!

I think that this is the perfect time for people from NSW to travel around their home state (as long as regulations permit it, of course!). With international travel off the cards, I hope that families set out to explore all that Outback NSW has to offer!


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Organising a function can be such a daunting process, regardless of its size or the number of guests. Once you’ve made the decision and you’ve booked, you might wonder if the venue will be able to fulfil your needs, and you may not know until the function is already happening! It’s essential to have complete peace of mind that the venue will meet and even exceed your expectations. That will allow you to feel relaxed and calm about organising your event.

Regardless of what your event is, Broken Hill Outback Resort is perfect to celebrate your next function. From the moment you book your event with us, you can leave your stress and worry behind. We’ll ensure you and your guests remember how perfect your event was for years to come.


At the Broken Hill Outback Resort, your dream wedding is right here. With the assistance of experienced wedding managers, you’ll be able to tailor the perfect wedding to suit you and your guests. You can be assured that everything will be seamless and you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the whole process of getting married.

A variety of spaces: From intimate indoors or grand outback outdoor we have different types of configutation to host your wedding that will suit your needs. The entire resort can host up to 400 guests, whereas the Coach house can host up to 60 standing and 40 seated.  The choice is yours, with a multitude of option available, speak to us about your ideas.
Accommodation: The bride and groom, the wedding party and the wedding guests can all be accommodated for at your wedding if you choose. You can also be sure that our spa apartments make the perfect backdrops for photography.  The Bride and Groom will receive a complimentary King Spa En suited room for your special day.
Our Partners: We have many partners in audio-visual, hair and makeup, stationery and more to help you make shopping around, easier.

Business Functions

Holding the next big conference or business meeting? We’ve got the perfect rooms for you to hold them in. In outback style combined with the breathtaking ‘wow’ factor will have your guests suitably impressed.

Pre-Function Area: Before your guests enter the meeting, they can relax in the indoor or outdoor bar area of the Mount Gipps Hotel. Think brand new space, beautiful outdoor decking, great new bar and open space, a few light bites or drink packages to kick off your big event and have everyone feeling relaxed.
Meeting Area: The choice is yours, you can have the indoor area of the Coach House, we can set it up in a U-shape format or a large board table setting. We can comfortably seat 30 people into this space, with a wall set up as the AV side, large TV screen or projector. We have a nice fire place and air-conditioning to ensure you are comfortable all day and night. 

Festive Celebrations

Whether you are planning a Christmas party for family, friends or colleagues, The Broken Hill Outback Resort is the perfect location for a stylish event. We are able to cater from small gatherings to large Christmas parties.

To make the celebration even more memorable, why not indulge and enquire about our special Christmas accommodation rates, available for you and your guests attending your Festive celebration.

Experience deluxe accommodation where we’ll make sure you leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired by all Broken Hill has to offer. Book your function with the Resort direct today to receive the lowest online rate.
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