Conquer the Majestic Simpson Desert


Add the Simpson Desert to your bucket list with the opportunity to conquer one of Australia’s most iconic 4WD destinations. Take on the challenge with the full support of experienced and trained 4WD professionals on a fully catered 12 day adventure.

For more than 20 years, Tri State Safaris have been taking groups of intrepid explorers to the furthest corners of Outback Australia. This May will mark their 27th annual Simpson Desert Crossing with an additional crossing programmed in August due to high demand.

Full dates and itinerary can be seen on the Tri State Safaris website.

While participants are welcome to book on board as a passenger inside their fully kitted 4WD vehicles, it is the tag-along option that offers the best chance for a real adventure. Ask any traveller who has attempted the Simpson and they’ll agree, that there is nothing quite like conquering its looming sand dunes.

“The satisfaction and pride you feel when you reach the top of each sand dune is immense,” says past passenger Trevor Adams as he reflects on his first crossing many years ago. “It really is an unforgettable experience. And knowing that the people you are with are professionals in this area really fills you with this confidence that you are going to reach the end no matter what. I still remember the feeling of reaching the top of ‘Big Red’ and so many of the other things I saw and learnt. I would recommend it to anybody.”

The terrain can be difficult, but Tri State tour guides (many of whom have been with the company for more than a decade) are yet to see a group member fail a crossing attempt. With Advanced 4WD qualifications and experience in vehicle recovery, participants are unlikely to encounter any situation that can’t be overcome.

However you choose to travel, the Simpson Desert is certainly something that every Australian should see in their lifetime.

Dwarfing its surrounds and casting an imposing shadow across the Australian outback, stands ‘Big Red’, arguably the largest sand dune in the majestic Simpson Desert. Just one glance and you can understand why crossing this infamous region tops bucket lists of 4WD enthusiasts world-wide.

Over 30 metres tall, ‘Big Red’ (traditionally known as Nappanerica) marks the beginning of the Simpson Desert, some 35kms east of Birdsville. This is just one of over 1,140 parallel sand dunes stretching across more than 176,000 square kilometres, crossing the borders of three Australian states. Its immense size makes the Simpson the fourth largest Australian desert, and the largest sand dune desert in the world.

With little to no vegetative cover, rare water sources and kilometres of sprawling red sand, the Simpson Desert was first crossed successfully by 4WD, less than 50 years ago.

Now it’s your turn.

All Tri State Safaris tours are fully inclusive with all meals, accommodation, entries, transfers and travel included in the price. Tag-along participants travelling in their own vehicle travel at a reduced fare and have access to a UHF radio for full tour commentary.

See the full 12 Day Simpson Desert Crossing itinerary on the Tri State Safaris website.

Bookings can be made by contacting Tri State Safaris on 1300 688 225