Adventure of a lifetime | Simpson Desert explorers prepare for an incredible journey

There is a buzz of excitement, as Tri State Safaris’ annual 12 Day Simpson Desert Adventure begins this week

Breath-taking expanses of red sand dunes, rise and fall beneath brilliant blue skies, stretching as far as the eye can see. The silence is deafening, disturbed only by gentle gusts of wind through saltbush, and scuffling of distant bird or wildlife. Besides the company you keep, there is no sign of human life.

If Broken Hill is where adventure begins, this is where true adventure arrives.

Adventure is what seven of our avid explorers will find over the coming weeks, as they prepare to depart on our annual 12 Day Simpson Desert Adventure. Led by our experienced, talented and passionate 4WD enthusiast Dave, our group will discover the remote townships and isolated communities, traverse gibber plains, jump-ups and red sand dunes as tall as 30 metres. Our group will explore iconic destinations such as Birdsville, Tibooburra and Rawnsley Park as the travel through the Flinders Ranges and Strzelecki, Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks.

There will be plenty of opportunities for the group to experience the outback first hand. They’ll swim in the Dalhousie hot springs, touch the Corner Post, enjoy a slice of camel pie and camp beneath Australia’s million-star sky.

Most of all, they’ll look forward to the late night stories around the camp fire, enjoying a glass of red, sharing stories and wondering what lies over the next sand dune.

We consider this journey to be emotional and awe-inspiring and are confident you will too!

See what lies ahead for our excited travellers, by reading our full tour itinerary.