Sydney Weekender Explores the Broken Hill Outback Scene

The team at Sydney Weekender love a good adventure – and we made sure not to disappoint!

Channel Seven presenter, Lizzy Lovett and the Sydney Weekender crew, arrived in the Heritage City of Broken Hill last month. Waiting to meet them were Tri State Safaris’ tour manager, Janine Gowenlock, and driver-guides, Irving Blundell and Geoff Spangler.

With detailed itineraries and a tight filming schedule, two action-packed days of adventure followed. The Tri State Safaris team lead Lizzy and Sydney Weekender on an Outback journey through Broken Hill, Silverton and Menindee. They explored the artistic influence, mining heritage and cinematic exposure of these dynamic communities and experienced a uniquely Australian culture.

Situated in the centre of salt-bush plains and red desert sands, Broken Hill is renowned as being Australia’s ‘Gateway to the Outback’. A just nickname, considering the nearest capital city is over 600km away. Travellers travelling along the connecting highways, will find townships are dotted with decreasing frequency. Often with populations of a few dozen residents or less.

In striking contrast to surrounding communities, Broken Hill boasts a fluctuating population of an average 15,000 permanent residents. This makes it the perfect base, to begin any outback trek.

With so few inhabitants outside of the city, what is left is a whole lot of outback.

Catch the Action!

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Recreate the Adventure!

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Don’t let us have all the fun – experience the adventure for yourself! Lizzy and the Weekender crew explored outback Australia with these Out of the Ordinary Outback packages and venues.

1 Day Broken Hill and Silverton Explorer Tour by Tri State Safaris

Explore the unique mining culture and artistic community of heritage-listed city, Broken Hill. Journey through sweeping salt-bush landscapes to the cinematic gem of Silverton. Then, complete your experience with stunning views and sandstone sculptures from the hill-top Sculpture Symposium.

1 Day Menindee and Kinchega National Park Tour by Tri State Safaris

Departing from Broken Hill, journey to the picturesque landscapes of the Menindee Lakes. Defined by its often-painted ‘drowned’ red river gums, the Menindee Lakes are an important part of local indigenous and pastoral history. Wildlife is abundant here, with a variety of native animals and birdlife calling this land home. A visit to Kinchega National Park offers insight into the hardships undertaken by early station workers.

Out of the Ordinary Outback Accommodation by the Argent Motel

Situated in the heart of Australia’s ‘Gateway to the Outback’, the Argent Motel offers family-friendly accommodation at a family-friendly prices. The venue’s central location is walking distance from local restaurants, art galleries, food and gift stores and attractions.

Make your holiday an adventure. Call 1300 688 225 to reserve your seat on a Tri State adventure tour. Book family-friendly outback accommodation at Broken Hill’s Argent Motel at the same time!