5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Outback NSW After COVID-19

All of us at Out of the Ordinary Outback hope you’re all faring well during this unusual time.

If you’re anything like us, then you’re probably itching to hit the road again and go on an adventure (or 10). Though we don’t yet know when we’ll have this kind of freedom again, we DO know that brighter days are ahead and that we WILL be able to travel around freely again at some stage.

And in our oh-so-humble opinion, we strongly feel that a trip to the NSW Outback should be first on your post COVID-19 to-do list.  Here’s why:

1. Continue Your Self-Isolation & Social Distancing

If you’re a little hesitant to get back out there in the wild once restrictions are lifted, an excellent way to dip your toes in with minimal risk of infection is by going somewhere remote. Y’know, where you’re not very likely to be in close proximity to anyone at all.

And what better place to be remote than Outback NSW?

We reckon you could complete your entire Sydney to Broken Hill Outback NSW road trip without coming into contact with anyone, if you play your cards right.

Sunset on the Menindee LakesMenindee Lake at sunset.

2. It’s Close To Home

Well, this may not be true for everyone reading this article, but for Aussies living in New South Wales, Victoria, or even South Australia, Outback NSW is relatively close to home. It’s a lengthy but doable drive if you live in any of those 3 states.

We’re not sure what travel is going to look like after COVID-19, but it seems likely that local travel will happen again before international travel does. That means Australians will be looking to travel within their country, and likely closer to home (i.e. somewhere within driving distance, so they don’t have to go to the airport or board a plane).

So instead of using your fast-accumulating paid leave on an overseas trip, why not use it for a week (or even two week)-long road trip through Outback New South Wales?

3. It’s Affordable

We completely empathise with those who have suffered a loss or work or income during the age of COVID-19. The last thing most of us feel comfortable doing anytime soon is spending a whole lot of money.

That’s why a road trip through the NSW Outback is an ideal option. If you have your own vehicle and don’t mind camping (either in it, or in a tent), all you really have to worry about paying for is petrol, a campsite, and food (which you’d be paying for anyway if you stayed home instead).

If you have a little extra money to spend and would rather sleep in a proper bed, there are many affordable accommodation options available. Our Broken Hill Outback Resort is constantly offering amazing deals on rooms and packages. 

Have a look at our homepage to find the best places to stay in the Outback!

4. The Weather is Fine

We’re blessed with fantastic weather for most of the year here in the Outback. Think no rain and an average temperature of 10 degrees in winter, and a range of 16-25 degrees in spring and autumn.

Summer temps tend to crack 30 degrees most days, so if you’re sensitive to heat you may want to plan your trip for another time of year. 

5. It’s EPIC

We may be biased (ok, we’re definitely biased), but the NSW Outback is one of Australia’s hidden gems. It’s such a special place, and honestly part of the reason it’s so special is because it doesn’t get the tourist buzz that many other Aussie hotspots do (lookin’ at you, Great Barrier Reef and Uluru). 

If you love nature, clear night skies, long dusty roads, and epic landscapes, then the Outback of NSW is your kind of place. Where else can you find kitschy roadhouses and underground hotels? 


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