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Clark Barrett Outback Artist

A love of old road maps and a sense of adventure prompted Clark Barrett to explore the dirt roads of Outback NSW, sometimes travelling out as far as 400kms. Fascinated by the laser bright intensity of the outback sunlight and the way it makes colour vibrate, Clark has spent the past 40 years searching these NSW Outback roads for his inner and outer landscape.

Travelling through stations and camping out or sleeping in shearers’ quarters, Clark would knock on the doors of isolated homesteads hoping to meet the people and experience this fascinating land. This curiosity led to him amassing an enviable collection of experiences and gain valuable insight into the light and life of the ‘bush’.

Clark’s on-site artworks seek to capture the colourful glory of nature’s morning and evening light. His large studio works and 3D constructions communicate Clark’s spiritual link to the landscape and its unique history.

To Clark, there is no mute landscape. He loves the stories and history behind each Outback NSW journey. The local roads are less a landscape than a region of his mind and heart. To the inexperienced, those same roads are simply rough old dirt tracks.

Clark’s artwork and wonderful paintings are now on display for all our guests to enjoy at Broken Hill Outback Resort. Look out for them when you next stay with us.

You can see all Clark’s artwork on his facebook page and insta profile.


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