Introducing Our New Operations Manager: Meet Ani!

“I just love it out here – the freedom, the space – it just makes me happy,” beams Annemarie Nilsen, affectionately known as Ani. After three years with Out of the Ordinary Outback, Ani has been appointed as our new Operations Manager, responsible for overseeing all our properties across far west New South Wales.

Ani’s passion for the outback and her enthusiasm for her new role are evident as she discusses her responsibilities. “Meeting so many wonderful people in all these great places is a lot of fun,” she says with a smile. Ani’s role involves traveling between towns, connecting with both our team and guests, ensuring that each property offers a unique and memorable experience. She and her family, including her husband and two sons, aged 10 and 13, reside in Broken Hill, a town they have come to love.

One of Ani’s top priorities is enhancing the family-friendly aspect of our properties. “I’ve been busy introducing more fun things to do for families at our properties, especially at Broken Hill Outback Resort,” Ani explains. “We’ve added activities like face painting, jumping castles, and camel rides. It’s all about creating memorable experiences that families can enjoy together.”

Ani’s dedication to her work goes beyond just adding activities; she is deeply committed to creating an environment where both guests and staff feel welcomed and valued. Her approach is hands-on, often involving her personally in the planning and execution of events and activities.

When Ani isn’t busy orchestrating fun for our guests, she enjoys immersing herself in the natural beauty of the outback. “There’s nothing like taking time out to fish or sitting around a campfire, gazing at the stars,” she says. “It’s the same experience our guests come here for, and it’s something I never get tired of.”

Ani’s leadership and vision are already making a significant impact, and her infectious enthusiasm is spreading throughout the Out of the Ordinary Outback community. As she continues to introduce new initiatives and activities, we are excited to see how Ani will shape the future of our properties, ensuring that they remain a cherished destination for all who visit.

We are thrilled to have Ani on board in this pivotal role and look forward to the innovative and exciting developments she will bring to Out of the Ordinary Outback. Welcome, Ani!