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Are you ready for a unique adventure that combines the thrill of the wild west with the comfort of modern amenities? Our 2 nights and 3-day outback experience package offers exactly that, featuring an exclusive $160 bonus value at the world’s largest underground motel. Prices start from just $455 for solo travellers or $545 for two people, all-inclusive. This is your chance to experience the quirky charm of White Cliffs, NSW, like never before!

Welcome to White Cliffs, NSW

White Cliffs, a tiny town with a population of just 150, is an opal mining township located in far west New South Wales. This remote desert hamlet rests on arid plains, looking as if an alien spacecraft has landed in the middle of nowhere. Its location is part of its charm – 1025km from Sydney and 781km north-east of Adelaide. While it offers the raw allure of an outback road trip, it’s conveniently accessible via a sealed road.

 Why Visit White Cliffs?

White Cliffs is unlike any other place in Australia. This remote outback town boasts a raw, raffish charm and an abundance of colorful characters. The stark, lunar-like landscape is dotted with thousands of disused opal diggings, remnants of treasure hunters seeking their fortune since opals were discovered here in 1884. The town’s quirky, vibrant personality and historical significance make it a fascinating destination for adventurers and history enthusiasts alike.

What to Expect from the Package

  • Underground Accommodation: Sleep in the world’s largest underground motel, a unique experience that keeps you cool and comfortable in the outback heat.
  • All-Inclusive Convenience: Enjoy two nights of accommodation, all meals, and guided tours included in the package.
  • Historical and Cultural Tours: Learn about the history of opal mining, meet the locals, and explore the quirky sites of White Cliffs.
  • Bonus Value: Receive an additional $160 in value with this special package, ensuring you get the most out of your stay.


Itinerary Highlights

1. Day 1: Arrival and Exploration
– Arrive in White Cliffs and check into your underground motel.
– Take a leisurely tour of the town, visiting historic opal mines and meeting local miners.
– Enjoy a hearty outback dinner and relax under the stars.

2. Day 2: Immersive Experiences
– Participate in a guided tour of the opal fields, learning about the history and process of opal mining.
– Visit the White Cliffs Solar Power Station and understand its significance.
– Engage in a creative opal polishing workshop, taking home your polished opal as a souvenir.

3. Day 3: Final Adventures and Departure
– After breakfast, take a scenic drive around the area, capturing the lunar-like landscape on camera.
– Bid farewell to White Cliffs with a memorable group photo and head back with stories to tell.

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Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to explore the wonders of White Cliffs, NSW. Whether you’re a solo traveler or bringing a companion, this package offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines adventure, history, and comfort in the heart of Australia’s outback.





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