You Can’t Go Wrong With A Quandong

While you’re journeying around our home in the NSW Outback, you might come across quandongs – native arid region fruit trees that sport delicious wild peaches. The trees grow to around 2-3 metres in height with their colourful red fruits ready for picking in spring. Quandongs boasts twice as much Vitamin C as an orange and the tasty, nutritious and versatile bush food was used traditionally by Aboriginals as medicine. For a memorable bush tucker treat that’s hard to beat in the outback, seek out a quandong pie with cream or ice cream. Yum!!

Meanwhile, the mother of our company’s owner bakes all the desserts at Broken Hill Outback Resort. ‘Val’s Desserts’ include delicious homemade apple pie, brownies, cheesecakes, sticky date pudding and an array of tempting slices – all served with ice cream and cream. Treat yourself in the outback!

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