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Ivanhoe Manager Takes Tiny NSW Outback Town By Storm

It’s a far cry from his former home in the NSW Hunter Valley, but the tiny town of Ivanhoe in the NSW Outback has taken a shine to our very own Brad Masters who has breathed new life into our property, Ivanhoe Hotel and Motel, since taking over as manager in June. Revenue has risen 220% in that time as locals and visitors flock to enjoy the efforts Brad has made to turn the hotel into a thriving social hub for the town and Outback NSW roadtrippers.

“As soon as I arrived, I joined the local footy team, started supporting local businesses, gave the hotel a refresh and updated the menu and the locals are loving it all, “says Brad. “I love hospitality and looking after people and I’ve grown to really love Ivanhoe. Everyone is so friendly and they really appreciate that I care enough about their hotel and town to put in the work to make the pub an even better place to gather and enjoy some downtime.”

There are plans afoot for Brad to enhance our Copper City Hotel and Motel in Cobar soon too so stay tuned!

On your Outback NSW next road trip, include Ivanhoe and stay for a meal and a rest and say hi to Brad. He’d love to see you!